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I Love Ferry

I Love Ferry

Best company to buy your tickets

I Love Ferry is the best option to buy your tickets to travel in Bahamas.

Jaime II

Jaime II

Three 'fast ferries' in honor of three kings

This series of fast ferry catamarans was built by the Australian shipyard Incat and acquired by Baleària between 2005 and 2007. They can reach a maximum speed of more than 30 knots and their two skids guarantee stability for more comfortable trips.

Their names pay homage to three Aragonese (a kingdom in the old Spain) kings: Jaume I of Aragon, the Conqueror (1208-1276), Jaume II of Aragon, the Just (1267-1327) and Jaume III of Mallorca, the Reckless (1315-1349).


Economy seats: Padded standard seat, located in economy class lounges. Economy seating is located on the main (forward/mid) and second deck of the ferry. Amenities include: reclining Seats & USB charging ports available at every seat. Meals and beverages are available for purchase on-board.

Economy Premium seats: Padded, spacious and reclining seats for greater comfort. Economy Premium seating is located on the main deck in the aft of the ferry. Amenities include: Soft drink & Snack each leg of the voyage, reclining Seats & USB charging ports available at every seat. Priority embarkation available at the Port Everglades terminal.

On-board services

Coffee Shop: The Jaume II has a fast-food and snack cafeteria. What’s more, you can enjoy great cocktails in both accommodations at the bar. Don’t forget to try our famous Bahama Mama cocktail!

Gift shop: While travelling, you can buy your first souvenir, perfumes or cigarettes…and all tax free! Our stores have a wide range of gifts, perfumes, liquor, cigarettes, cigars… There is also an Excursion’s Office on board where you can find everything you might want to do on the island…from snorkeling to renting a car, a golf cart, a bike… and much more!

ADA: The entire Baleària fleet is adapted for ADA passengers. All the company's ships have adapted seating and bathrooms, as well as special anchoring points for wheelchairs and equipped cabins. The ships also facilitate on-board access by people with reduced mobility. Baleària staff can likewise handle any special requirements on board.

Internet: This Baleària ship offers extensive connectivity thanks to the on-board Wi-Fi signal, with access to the network available by purchasing vouchers, allowing you to stay connected throughout your trip.